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5 ways to keep indoor plants healthy

1. Inspect plants before bringing them indoors.

If they show signs of pests or disease, cure the problem before you infect your other indoor plants. You can buy selective pesticides or fungicides depending on the problem your plant may have at your local gardening stores. Keep a close eye on the plant to make sure it is fully cured to bring them back indoors and around other plants.

2. Avoid placing plants in troubled spots.

Trouble areas such as near heat or air conditioning ducts, on television or a radiator, or between curtains and a frosty window. Make sure you know what the needs of your plants are before placing it in an official spot.

3. Provide the right light.

Plants that require full sun will thrive in a south-facing window. East-and west-facing windows have moderate sun. North windows have very little sun. Know your plant and your living space, different types of plants have different needs.

4. Remember dry air conditions during the winter due to heated air.

You can provide a little extra humidity with a pebble tray and some misting. Use a humidifier. Humidifiers are an excellent way to increase humidity in a growing environment and keep your plants moist.

5. Always plant in sterile soil.

That will minimize problems with fungus and other soil-borne diseases. Sterile soil is less likely to spread diseases or weeds. Though it is impossible to kill every disease-causing organism and weed, sterilizing soil drastically reduces the number of organisms that can cause problems. Also, adding microorganisms are beneficial to the plant.

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