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Time for flowers!

Summertime is here and it's time to add that pop of color to your garden for all your upcoming gatherings and events. The sky is the limit with annual installations from colors to plant varieties, you really have endless possibilities to beautify your home or business at a less expensive cost. You can plant in pots, flowerbeds, and even in other decorative pieces to add some interest!

Don't forget to take into consideration the season and the amount of sun, water, and space needed. Different plants grow to different sizes and may grow over you're smaller installations and cover them up. Make sure to include different plant heights to add more interest.

A few planting tips to have your annuals blooming beautifully are to make sure your planting area is free of weeds, add soil amendment or mulch to your soil so your plants have plenty of nutrients, lay out your plants before planting, don't plant too deep, plant when it's not too hot, and plenty of water. With little attention, your annuals will add the pop of color you want to your landscape!

A few West Texas summer recommendations are:

- Petunias & Supertunias

- Potato Vine

- Geraniums

- Snapdragons

- Zinnias

- Marigolds

- Bergonias

- Poppies

- Sweet Alyssum

- Superbena Verbenas

- Moss Rose

- Dahlias

- Sunflowers

... and the list goes on!

If you have more questions or need help designing and planting, the A&A team is ready to help! We're ready to make your home stand out all summer long!

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