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A&A and coping with COVID-19

Like many small businesses in the Permian Basin, A&A Landscape has been affected by the current situation going on in the world along with some of our providers and projects.

Here at A&A, we believe that our primary asset is our outstanding workforce that allows us to deliver the quality of work that our customers deserve. That is why we are taking safety measures to ensure our personnel have a safer work environment. We encourage them to follow guidelines like 6-foot distancing, frequently washing hands, and sanitizing tools and equipment. Suppliers who deliver material to our job sites are also instructed to do the same.

We are striving to make sense and work with this difficult situation and having the right information is key to putting a stop to the continued spread.

Below is a helpful link on how to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Stay safe and best wishes.

-The A&A Team

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