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7 steps to prepare your garden for spring

Spring is around the corner and it is time to get organized to start prepping your garden to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. You may be a little overwhelmed at first but the A&A team is here to provide you with 7 easy steps to help you make your yard look great...

1. Prune your shrubs to promote new healthy growth and aesthetic.

2. Dethatch your lawn to get rid of old, dead grass and allow for new healthy growth to come through.

3. Apply pre-emergent to prevent the growth of new weeds in your new lawn.

4. Fertilize your lawn, shrubs, and plants to them a healthy boost. (Recommended: Twice a year for plants and Four times a year for your lawn)

5. Aerate your lawn to allow oxygenation. (Every 3- 4 years or when soil/ ground is too compacted)

6. Check the irrigation system for any repairs needed, especially after a cold winter if the system was turned off and not blown out. Adjust irrigation times for the new season so your plants, trees, and lawn have enough water to allow for the new growth.

7. To wrap up your spring clean up add annual flowers and mulch to your flower beds to give your yard that finishing touch.

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