Walkways & Driveways Gallery

Walkway to patios
This curving walkway looks great leading to the front entrance and is sure to keep your shoes dry.
Pavers Walkway
Paver walkway with artificial grass and decorative rocks. Looks amazing and requires almost no maintenance.
Pheasant entrance
Dark textured pavers against engraved sandstone make this column entrance the focal point of this design.
Pheasant entrance
Dark walkway with black trim stand out against the lighter pavers for the flower bed and sandstone edging.
Pheasant entrance
Lower angle of walkways with entrance columns lit and a stone bench.
Walkway along house
This curving walkway makes its way from the front entrance, around the house, and to the back yard patio.
Walkway along house
Front view of walkway along rockbed filled with shrubs and grasses.
Curving walkway
This curving walkway leads from the house to the patio and ties the two spaces together.
Walkway with boulders
This walkway with a sandstone lined flower bed in the center utilizes two different materials for a beautiful contrast in color and a unique design.
Pergola walkway
This design brings together a seating area and a patio with a small walkway and fills in the remaining space with decorative rocks and shrubs.
Diamond driveway
This driveway features a diamond in the middle and creates a focal point in the center.
This walkway leads to a small fenced garden and allows clean and easy access.
A&A is dedicated to making every idea a reality while enhancing them and providing the most comfort. That is why we include walkway that blend into the design and tie different areas together.
Paver stepping stones create a fun path to the small bridge across this beautiful waterfall.
Walkway and rocks
This walkway leads to the front of the house as well as to the backyard and is filled with similarly toned decorative rocks.
Walkway and rocks
Backyard view of walkway and paver edging along grass line.
Paver driveway
Simple driveway with darker pavers and matching trim.
This project has a series of walkways along with a driveway for easy access to the various areas on this property.
These walkways were created to give easier access and a great look to this property.
Curving walkway leads from the driveway down to the downstairs patio. (Check out the patio gallery to see it!)
Garden walkway
This area was cleaned up with a retaining wall and a paver walkway leading up to a wood patio.
Rock garden walkway
Simple walkway leading up to paver steps and the upper level of the yard.
Side walkway
Contrasting colors and different textures create a unique look when put together and can make your house stand out.
Wide entrance lined with boulders and large decorative rocks makes this driveway turn heads!
Flowerbed walkway
Flowerbed integrated into this walkway looks great and can be changed year after year.
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Paver stepping stones create a fun path to the small bridge across this beautiful waterfall.