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Outdoor Space
This project consists of several different areas each with their own purpose but they all beautifully tie in together.
Outdoor Space
Towards the back of the left side of this design there is a large cool toned out door fireplace perfect for entertaining guests during cooler temperatures or in the evenings.
Outdoor Space
An elevated patio around a hot tub to separate this area from the pool along with this seating area.
Outdoor Space
Off to the side of the outdoor kitchen beneath the pergola, we created this outdoor seating area where guests can gather around a fire or simply enjoy this enclosed area.
Home Show 2016
This homeshow design created in 2016 consists of different elements, but the most eye-catching was this beautiful medallion on the patio floor.
Lower level patio with a retaining wall surrounded by a rock bed.
Home Show 2018
Black pergola with LaFitt patio featured at our 2018 Home Show
Rounded Patio
This small patio connects two sets of stairs before merging into wide steps up to the entrance. A quaint space for multiple uses.
Pheasant House
The ideas of our customer were brought to life with the help our our designer and the men that work so hard to create beautiful works like this.
Pheasant House
On the opposite side of the home and in brighter light the columns appear more true to their dark grey color which complement the elegant pheasants carved on the sandstone plaques.
White Patio
This light colored patio with tan caps was added to the home to create a fun space for the family and guests but it also added value to the property.
White Patio
This patio has a decorative medallion in the center in front of the gas burning firepit.
Railed Patio
This elevated patio has stone railing around the edge with columns evenly placed between for safety and appeal.
Patio with Rail
This small patio was added to the front of this deck and enclosed with a stone rail for a more appealing view.
Small Patio
This small corner space was elevated with two steps to create a patio that is used as a seating area perfect for enjoying an afternoon only steps away from the home.
Commercial Patio
For this apartment complex, A&A created a rounded patio with an outdoor grill and pergolas for the use and enjoyment of the residents.
Diamond Patios
For this design, we incorporated diamond shaped plaques on the entrance columns as well as on the patio floor to create a distinct feature that is sure to impress.
Diamond Patios
Off to the side of the entrance, there is a second patio for added functionality.
Fireplace Patio
This large patio is one of our more elaborate designs with a huge double fireplace with hearths both on the lower and upper patios.
Pergola Patio
For this project, we took a simple yard with grass and transformed it into a paver patio with a pergola and a seating area to the left.
Pergola Patio
Using pavers and rock in a landscape design can make your property lower maintenance while easily adding value to your home.
Pergola Patio
We added a medallion matching the color of the trim that blends into the design while creating a focal point for this patio.
Retaining Wall Patio
For this home, we created a lower level patio enclosed by massive retaining walls with rockbeds and a stone waterfall in the center.
Retaining Wall Patio
Right side of the patio with the customer's personalized touch and shrubs and plants installed by A&A.
Retaining Wall Patio
On the left side we created an outdoor kitchen with a marble counter top and a wide grill along with other appliances.
Firepit Patio
This small outdoor patio was placed in a spot that offers our customers more privacy on their property and a beautiful view of the sunsets each evening.
For this project, our designer used different colors of pavers and rocks to complement each other as well as existing boulders that were integrated into the new design.
Top patio with light grey columns and paver bench with charcoal caps.
From the top patio, you can see the entire design and the Missouri River.
Small patio along the edge of a retaining wall with a rail for safety.
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