Outdoor Fireplace & Firepit Gallery

White Fireplace
A great way to enjoy an evening outdoors is in front of a fire, and this outdoor fireplace is just the place to do it!
Enclosed Firepit
This enclosed pit creates a fun and more intimate place where friends and family can gather around a fire.
Gas Firepit
This gas burning firepit can be turned off and on with the twist of a key as well as control the intensity of your fire.
Fireplace with Waterfalls
This fun fireplace features two small waterfalls on both sides of the hearth.
Firepit with Rail
Wood burning firepit with a paver bench and paver railing.
Football Firepit
All firepits aren't round, this unique shape was a fun design to create.
Downstairs Firepit
A firepit is a great addition to any space, especially a small patio like this one.
Firepit with Columns
Round firepit with ring and paver bench with columns.
Firepit with Columns
The same bench and firepit in the summer with a touch of orange. Pillows and cushions are a great addition to the benches for the warmer weather.
Rectangular Firepit
Gas burning firepit with amber fire glass that enhances and protects the firepit.
Firepit with Stone Benches
Stone firepit with stone benches overlooking a beautiful view of a lake.
Firepit on Hill
Large paver firepit on a small patio with a gorgeous addition of gold patio furniture.
Wood Firepit
Small wood burning firepit with a ring and a large bench.
Wood Firepit
The wood firepit with a higher view and added chairs.
Firepit in Patio
Small firepit in a corner with a bench. A fun additon to this outdoor space.
Homeshow 2017
For the 2017 homeshow, we included a fireplace with small waterfalls and a diamond plaque.
Homeshow 2017
On another corner of our 2017 homeshow space, we created this eye catching area with a blue pergola, a hammock, and a stone firepit.
Homeshow 2017
Closer view of firepit and bench at the 2017 homeshow.
Double Fireplace
This one of a kind design features two hearths on two different levels connected by a single chimney. Here you see the top hearth.
Double Fireplace
Downstairs view of large double fireplace.
Wood Hearth
Wood burning paver hearth.
Stone Firepit
Large stone firepit that can be easily installed in any space.
Grey Firepit
Light colored firepit on a red toned patio.
Firepit and Bench
Red toned firepit and bench.
Firepit and Bench
Side view of fire pit with the bench surrounded by pines.
Firepit and Benches
Small firepit with a set of small benches.
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Firepit with Rail

Wood burning firepit with a paver bench and paver railing.